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Nice to Meet You!

Clients - and a lot of patients! - appreciate seeing familiar faces when they walk through the doors.  Most of our staff have been with us for over 5 years (and some, a lot longer than that!)

Our Staff

Dr. Jan Balcar

 Dr. Jan Balcar studied at Simon Fraser University before moving on to complete his degree at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at The University of Saskatchewan in 2000.  He worked for 10 years at a large veterinary hospital in the U.S.A until moving back to the Lower Mainland, BC to work at Allondale Animal Hospital in 2009.  Jan enjoys the outdoors, entertaining on the piano and accordion and spending time with his family.  The Balcars have one rambunctious cat named Reggie and a rescue dog named Laika.

Dr. Jordie Schnarr

From childhood, Jordie knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. After working with cattle, horses, marine mammals, and laboratory animals, she found that her true passion was caring for cats and dogs. She is an alumna of the University of British Columbia and the University of Saskatchewan, where she obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. In her spare time, Jordie loves to travel more than anything. She also dabbles in functional fitness and is a bit of a wine nerd. She is proud to provide compassionate care for your loved ones.

Jordie has 4 pets at home: Addy, a gorgeous street dog from Baja; Scout, a gentle little kitty from the streets of Saskatchewan; Bruce, a quirky senior Chihuahua; and Greg, a cuddly black and white kitty who was found inside an industrial air conditioner.


Glenda started working at Allondale in 2008.  She graduated from the Veterinary Technician Progam at Douglass College in 2011.  When she's not at the clinic, she loves to stay at home with her two mischievous cats, Leo and Ivy.


Jen started working at Allondale in 2021. She has been very passionate about animals her whole life. She started working in the veterinary field in 2009 and graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at Douglas College in 2012. When she isn’t working Jen enjoys photography and playing video games. 


Brandi has worked with animals her whole life.  She keeps herself busy working part time at Allondale, and running a dog walking business full time.


My name is Serena and I am a biochemistry major at SFU. I have always loved being around and connecting with animals and I aspire to continue working with them in the future. When I am not at Allondale or studying, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.


Pigeon came to us after suddenly losing function in his back legs.  This sweet little kitten stole our hearts and we decided he needed to become part of the Allondale family.  After a few weeks of care, he slowly started to regain function in his legs and has now made a full recovery.  He has brought lots of laughter and joy to us (well Ginger thinks he's an annoying little brother)!  Come by to say hello!

Dr. Patrick O'Grady

 Dr. Patrick O'Grady graduated from the University of Dublin, Ireland in 1973.  He then moved to Canada in 1974 and became the owner of Allondale Animal Hospital in 1990.  He brings 47 years of experience to the practice.  Dr. O'Grady is an avid fisherman.  

Dog's Portrait
Dr. Chris Wessell

Bio to come ... 


Monika has been part of our staff for over 25 years.  She and her husband are "parents" to four ferrets, and she's addicted to Starbuck's soy chai lattes!


Emily has worked with Allondale since 2017.  She enjoys spending time outdoors with her two dogs, Queso and Finnegan,  and watching movies with her cats Ralph and Pierre.  She has worked in the veterinary field for 13 years, and although she greatly enjoys helping pets, she is currently in nurse beginning to take care of their owners instead.  Emily will always have a passion for animals, and will  always leave space in her life to care for them. 

Dr. Erin Balcar

Dr. Erin Balcar is originally from the USA.  She graduated from veterinary school at Ross University on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts in 2007, completing her clinical year of study at Cornell University in New York.  After working in Phoenix and San Diego, she moved to BC with her husband Jan.  Dr. Balcar has worked at many hospitals as a locum throughout the lower mainland, and is happy to join the Allondale team.  Erin's other full time job is taking care of their 3 growing children.     

Jen pic_edited.jpg
Dr. Jen Miller

Dr. Jennifer Miller, born and raised in BC, received her BSc from SFU and later, her DVM from the University of California, Davis.

Dr. Miller’s love and devotion to animals has been lifelong, she has been practicing 24 years.

Dedicated to the care and treatment of all small animals, Dr. Jen also has a special interest in exotic birds and parrots. 

Fluent in English and sign language, Dr. Miller is looking forward to meeting her new pet friends and clients at Allondale Animal Hospital.


Courteney has worked at Allondale since 2005, and loves helping animals. She has a real passion for taking care of the sick and injured. Courteney and her husband Peter, have one dog and two cats: Bella, Chairs & Cruiser.  Courteney enjoys the outdoors, such as hiking mountains with her human baby, Jacob.


Thomas has been with Allondale since 2018.  He enjoys spending time with his family, including a miniature poodle named Shylo and a cat named Tangarine.  He is starting education to be an Animal Health Technician.


Marina's love and passion for animal care sprouted here at Allondale Animal Hospital as a teen during her high school work experience and joined our team in 2019. Marina is also a dog mom to two handfuls, Kane and Hazel who she enjoys every possible minute with - cuddling, going on long walks, and cuddling some more.


Rhydum joined Allondale in mid 2019 during her high school work experience. She currently doesn’t own any pets, but hopes to have a Beagle in the near future. Rhydum assists the doctors and many of the other staff and she enjoys connecting with each pet and their owners. In her spare time, she finds new shows to watch and spending time with her family. She aspires to become a Veterinarian and help all sorts of animals.


Tiana is a biology major at UBCO who aspires to become a doctor for humans or animals in the near future. She has great passion for helping those in need and learning about anatomy. Tiana joined Allondale in 2019 as a volunteer, and was absolutely thrilled when she was offered a position as an employee. She loves to help the doctors by holding animals and always tries her best to make pets feel as comfortable as possible. She has been an animal lover her entire life, and is a proud owner of a rescue dog named Ajay who she cuddles with every night.


Vincent has been with Allondale Animal Hospital since completing his high school practicum here in 2016.  He is eager to help with caring for pets, and splits his time between the front desk and back treatment area of the hospital.  Vincent's new hobby is riding his motorcycle.


My name is Ginger and I have some personality issues that don't make me a great fit for a typical home, so since February 2011 
I have lived and "worked" at Allondale .  
My likes are sleeping, eating, cuddling with orphaned kittens ( I loves cats!) and stealing pens from Monika.
My dislikes are being weighed, cuddling with humans and nail trims.
My hobbies include nursing stray kittens (yes I am a male), making myself a nuisance around Dr. O'Grady & stealing food, did I mention I love to sleep?!

I have just started treatment for something called "lyphoma"  My doctors are taking really good care of me and I feel much better.  I'm getting extra treats all the time!  


Natalie has always enjoyed being around animals. She has experienced working at boarding kennels, veterinary hospitals, the SPCA, and the Surrey Animal Resource Centre. Unrelated to animal care, Natalie was a jeweller for 10 years! She lives with her dogs Sadie and Gretchen, and budgies Betty and Blue.

Our Team
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